Terms of Digital Access

An outline of the general terms of access for EMS Press digital content.

Subscribers are granted access to subscribed content from 1st January (or immediately if subscription is purchased past this date). Subscribed content  includes archive content for journals and the eBook collection as well as new content released during the subscription year. Upon termination of a subscription, the subscriber retains perpetual access to the archive and content released during the subscription. 

Access is allowed from the IP address range(s) given by the customer, which are to cover no more than the university's main campus, or the site of the subscribing library. Multisite access may require additional subscriptions, please contact subscriptions@ems.press to discuss further.

Inter-library loans (ILL) are not permitted for EMS Press materials without express prior consent from the publisher, please contact subscriptions@ems.press with requests. Materials are permitted for use by walk-in library users.

EMS Press has entrusted the long-term preservation of our published content to the CLOCKSS archive. In the event that the publisher ceases to exist, CLOCKSS will preserve and publish all of our content freely online.


Subscriber Licenses

Subscriptions to EMS Press content do not require a license agreement. However, the European Mathematical Society Publishing House (EMS Press) is included on the Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) registry which provides general guidelines for the handling of electronic content in good faith. EMS Press encourages its subscribers to endorse this project. 

Author Licenses

EMS Press requires an exclusive license from authors to journal owners, on whose behalf we publish. Content that is made available as open access through our Subscribe To Open (S2O) programme is licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 license.

Author Rights

Authors of articles published open access may use the CC-BY license to deposit the published version in any repository they wish.  For articles not published open access, EMS Press grants authors or their affiliated institutions the right to deposit the author accepted manuscript on institutional repositories and preprint servers. For clarification, this is the version of the article as accepted for publication, including all changes made during the peer review process, but not the version which is finally published and distributed by EMS Press. EMS Press templates should not be used for this version, but rather any generic LaTeX layouts. EMS Press requires that repositories and preprint servers refer to the original publication through its DOI, and they mention all copyright and other publisher information.