8 February 2023

EMS Press Opens Twenty-one Journals in its Third Year of Subscribe To Open

Laura Simonite

A further four journals flip to open access in 2023.

EMS Press Open Access

EMS Press, the publishing house of the European Mathematical Society, is pleased to announce that it has been successful in opening its full Subscribe To Open (S2O) programme for a third consecutive year. Twenty-one titles will be published fully open access under S2O in 2023, alongside a further three Diamond open access publications.

The following journals have met the Press’s criteria for sustainable publication and will publish all 2023 issues open access under a CC-BY licence: 

Commenting on the success of the S2O programme, CEO André Gaul said “the speed with which we have achieved an almost total conversion to OA – from one to twenty-four titles in just three years – demonstrates the power and appeal of community-based models such as S2O. We’re once again validated by the strength of support from our subscribers, and are pleased that they continue to endorse a model that centres fairness and sustainability.”    

The Press is able to achieve such strong results thanks in part to its innovative “solidarity model”, distributing shared revenues to support titles with lower incomes, thus allowing them to achieve their sustainability thresholds. The team will then work to make these titles independently sustainable in future years.

Further details of the methodology used to assess journals for open access status will be published in due course. The Press will announce 2024’s S2O titles later this year and encourages libraries, consortia, funders and other national groups to get in touch if they would like to hear more about how they can proactively support the S2O initiative.

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For all enquiries please contact Head of Business Development, Laura Simonite simonite@ems.press.

Download this announcement [PDF].


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